Create a Seizure Action Plan (SAP)

A Seizure Action Plan should be created for every individual with LGS and shared with other caregivers.

What is a Seizure Action Plan (SAP)?

A seizure is a medical emergency. A Seizure Action Plan (SAP) contains tailored guidelines on how to respond during a seizure, based on the patient’s medical history. It includes health and medical information specific to the patient and helps others recognize seizures and the appropriate steps to take to keep him or her safe from injury or damage caused by prolonged seizures.

A Seizure Action Plan:

  • Is important because seizures can be life-threatening.
  • Let other caregivers know what to do in an emergency situation.
  • Can reduce the time to action during a seizure
      • Faster response to seizure emergencies can reduce the risk of prolonged seizures, mortality, and the need for additional rescue medication.
  • Can inform emergency medical personnel, daycares, schools, and hospital staff.

How do I create a Seizure Action Plan?

  • Download the Seizure Action Plan Template you need below.
  • A simple ASAP for emergencies and a longer, more detailed ISAP plan for ambulance rides or hospitalizations can be helpful.
  • Work with your medical provider to determine when a seizure rescue medication should be used and which medication you will use.
  • Share your Seizure Action Plan with anyone who might be with your loved one when they experience a seizure.

Download an Acute Seizure Action Plan (ASAP Plan)
(Fillable PDF that is short and simple for use during seizure emergencies)


Download an Individualized Seizure Action Plan (ISAP Plan)
(Fillable PDF with extra space and a detailed example of info to include)


Updated 03/12/24