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Leaders in LGS Award

The LGS Foundation seeks to recognize Those who have made a significant Impact in the LGS community The LGS Foundation appreciates and values our community’s commitment to ending the devastation and suffering caused by LGS and recognizes the significant impact…


2022 LGS Research Roundtable at AES

Every year, the LGS Foundation organizes the LGS Research Roundtable at the American Epilepsy Society (AES) annual meeting in an effort to #FreeTheData. Join us as we hear updates from our grant recipients and research collaborations. In Person & Virtual Registration is…


International LGS Awareness Day is Coming Soon!

November 1st: Help Us Raise Awareness about LGS

Join us on November 1st for International LGS Awareness Day November 1st is the annual International LGS Awareness Day. Each year, the LGS Foundation organizes a social media campaign and in-person events worldwide in recognition of LGS Day to raise…


Our Medical Science Advisory Board

meet the amazing doctors and scientists that make up our medical Science Advisory Board (MSAB) This amazing group of individuals is taking a stand against Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome by helping our team in the Foundation’s mission to accelerate LGS research. The…


Illuminate for LGS – Locations Around the World Light Up for LGS Awareness

The LGS Foundation continues to shine a light on Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome as we Illuminate for LGS. Promoting awareness and an understanding of what matters to LGS families. You Can Join Us! Each November, ​as part of the many awareness initiatives…


The LGS Foundation Receives Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Rare As One Grant

This grant will support the development of a diverse and inclusive network that brings together LGS patient, their families, and researchers to accelerate diagnosis, treatments and cures.

The LGS Foundation is among a select group of rare disease organizations to receive third-year funding as part of the Chan Zuckerberg’s Initiative, Rare As One (RAO). “In 2019, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative launched the Rare As One Network, funding…


Seizures and Study: One Mother’s Journey to Cure Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

How Tracy Dixon-Salazar, PhD, the executive director of the LGS Foundation, went from a new mother to a neuroscientist, and her decades-long quest to improve the lives of patients like her daughter, Savannah.

Many who make the decision to enter the medical science field are often driven by a desire to help others. Physicians take the Hippocratic Oath and swear to treat the ill and do no harm, and researchers are, many times,…


Listening to and Supporting LGS VIP Siblings

Get Your VIP Siblings Kit Today

First, we listened! It can be hard for brothers and sisters when a sibling has a chronic illness like LGS. Their routines are disrupted, and they worry and wonder what is happening and if their sibling will be alright. Often…