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LGS Research Roundtable at AES

Every year, the LGS Foundation organizes the LGS Research Roundtable at the American Epilepsy Society (AES) annual meeting in an effort to #FreeTheData. Join us as we hear updates from our grant recipients and research collaborations. 2021 Roundtable Agenda Come hear…


A Sister’s Love

Songs Inspired by her Brother Help Raise Awareness of LGS 

On November 1, local artists and LGS community members joined the LGS Foundation in Santa Monica, California to help raise awareness and funds for Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. Meet the Artist: Christina Apostolopulos Hi, my name is Christina and my younger brother…


LGS to be featured on Lifetime TV

Watch as we go Behind the Mystery of LGS on November 1st

Airing Monday, November 1 at 7:30 am (ET/PT) On International LGS Awareness Day (November 1), LGS Foundation Executive Director, Dr. Tracy Dixon-Salazar, and her daughter Savannah, who has LGS, will share their journey on a special episode of The Balancing…


Help Solve the Mystery of LGS

Epilepsy Awareness Month Focuses on Solving the Mystery of LGS and Other Rare Epilepsies

Donate now International LGS Awareness Day brought together thousands of people around the world to show that the challenges associated with LGS are tough, but so are those affected by this rare disease. This also kicked off Epilepsy Awareness Month…


Our Little Ironman

Charles (age 10)

Donate Now to Support Charles Life throws us curveballs. And in the fall of 2012, my wife and I got thrown a big one. At only 18 months old, Little Charles Wagner was diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS), a rare…


Golf-A-Thon to Support the LGS Foundation

Support me as I attempt to hit 1,101 golf balls for LGS Awareness Day (Nov 1) to honor my son, John!

Donate now to honor John!   Thank you so much for showing interest in my efforts to raise funds and awareness for Lennox-Gastaux Syndrome (LGS), a rare form of epilepsy that impacts my son, John. John had his first seizure…


Illuminate for LGS – Locations Around the World Light Up for LGS Awareness

International LGS Awareness Day takes place every year on November 1st, kicking off Epilepsy Awareness Month and lasting throughout the entire month of November. ​As part of the many awareness initiatives that are organized around the world, locations in dozens…


International LGS Awareness Day

November 1st

Join us on November 1st for International LGS Awareness Day Each year, the LGS Foundation organizes a social media campaign and in-person events worldwide to recognize International LGS Awareness Day.  In addition, more than 50 locations will Illuminate for LGS…


Celebrating our Rockin’ LGS Siblings

It can be hard for brothers and sisters when a sibling has a chronic illness like LGS. Their routines are disrupted, and they worry and wonder what is happening and if their sibling will be alright. Often parents’ time is…


LGS Foundation Community Teams

Do you want to share your enthusiasm and energy? Do you want to share your experience? Do you want to make an impact in the lives of those living with LGS? Then we need you! Join an LGS Foundation Community…