Our Approach

In everything we do, we believe every child and adult deserves a chance to live life to the fullest.

Our Why

The status quo is that young children with LGS and pre-LGS are having their lives robbed from them, and adults with LGS are living with the burden of unrelenting seizures and side effects: Regardless of whether you are a young child with LGS or an adult battling LGS, the burden of navigating the LGS maze falls to caregivers and this burden is too great for them alone to bear. 

We challenge this status quo! We are harnessing the power of the patient family community to ensure that research, care, support services, education, and awareness of LGS are relevant for those living with LGS and their loved ones. 

We seek meaningful and impactful interventions that are designed to end the suffering caused by LGS.

The hope is, we will lessen the burden of LGS for younger generations.

If we are successful, the science we accelerate to find the cures for this “metastatic” epilepsy disorder of early life will usher in cures for other circuits and aging disorders of the brain. 

Our Vision

To end the suffering and devastation caused by LGS. 

Our Mission

The Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals impacted by LGS through advancing research, awareness, education, and family support. 

Our Pillars

To accomplish our mission we must:

  • Support, empower, and educate our community
  • Accelerate research
  • Raise awareness and build community
  • Build and strengthen our organization 

Our Theory of Change

If we create meaningful and impactful, patient-driven programs guided by our pillars we will improve the lives of those impacted by LGS.

It’s time to end the devastation caused by LGS. Join us!