2023 LGS Meeting of the Minds

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2023 LGS Meeting of the Minds:
Advancing Clinical Research

September  13-15, 2023: Researcher Meeting Days

September 16, 2023: Family Science Day

The LGS Foundation is hosting its second Meeting of the Minds to discuss how we can Advance Clinical Research in LGS. For this hybrid conference, we will bring together patients, families, doctors, researchers, and partners to understand how we can learn from every patient and brainstorm how to find the best treatments for LGS.

We hope you will join us!

Dr. Scott Perry, Cook Children’s Hospital, Fort Worth, TX
Dr. Elaine Wirrell, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
Dr. Peter Crino, University of Maryland, School of Medicine

Previous Research Conferences:

In September 2021, over 250 researchers and family members from 7 different countries joined the LGS Foundation for a 2-day discussion focused on finding LGS Disease-Modifying Therapies.

“This meeting was critical! It not only brought the research and family communities together, but it has helped guide the LGS Foundation’s support and research funding strategy MOVING FORWARD.” – Tracy Dixon-Salazar, PhD

Key Learnings: 
  • LGS Families are living in constant crisis, and most with LGS require help with every aspect of their daily lives. We need a transformative treatment!
  • Patient families compare current LGS treatment to throwing darts at a dartboard, but we are not learning from the dart patterns. Learning from every patient is crucial for understanding how to treat LGS today.
  • There is an underlying, unifying LGS epileptic network which is an anatomical structure made of groups of cells, channels, and molecules. We need to understand and treat the LGS network.
  • We’ve been treating LGS the same way for 30+ years. We treat seizures and hope for the best. We need to change this! We need to treat the whole syndrome, not just one symptom.

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Our Partners

If you would like to become a national sponsor for this meeting, please contact Tracy@LGSFoundation.org for more information.


Updated 1/25/2023