Connect with an LGS Patient Navigator or Family Ambassador

The LGS Foundation is firmly grounded in the belief that everyone living with LGS should have access to the information, resources, and support they deserve, including a connection with others.

LGS Patient Navigator Program

Connect Based on Topic

The Family Navigator Program connects families with LGS seeking specific medical solutions with others who have been through it already. Whether you have questions about brain surgery, rescue medication, behavioral issues, or something else, connect with an LGS Navigator who can share their experiences.


LGS Family Ambassador Program

Connect Based on Where You Live

In 2015 the Family Ambassador Program was established as a way to help build positive and lasting relationships between families who share similar journeys and live in the same geographical region. Ambassadors are excellent for helping others to navigate state and local resources. 

The Family Ambassador program is made up of family caregivers who have experienced the highs and lows of living with LGS. Our Family Ambassadors are able to listen and support others on the LGS journey while sharing a wealth of helpful resources, tips, and ideas.  Our goal is to empower each family to be a strong voice for LGS awareness and become the best advocate for their child.

No matter what point of the journey you are on, LGS is life-changing. Our parent and caregiver volunteers are here to support you. Our ambassadors assist the community by:

  • Speaking with newly diagnosed families
  • Being an ongoing resource for families in need of information and support
  • Helping create unity within our community on a regional level
  • Acting as a conduit to help families get involved with the LGS Foundation and stay connected
  • Helping families understand the programs and materials that the LGS Foundation offers and the work we do


Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Learn More Here.

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Updated: 4/26/23