Key LGS Publications

The following are key publications in LGS that are open access and free of charge.








Other Publications

A table of the top 1000 papers in the field ranked by their citation counts. This tells us which papers have garnered the most attention from their colleagues.

  • PubMed ID – The identifier used by PubMed for this paper (‘PMID’).
  • # Citations – Number of times this paper has been cited.
  • Mendeley – The number of times users of the Mendeley system has added this paper to their libraries. Mendeley is a reference management platform (operated by Elsevier).
  • Authors – The authors of the paper
  • Year – The year of publication
  • Title – The title of the paper.
  • Journal Ref. – The journal, volume, and page of the paper in the journal.
  • Article Type – The type of publication and source of funding.

View Excel Document Here.