Request an About LGS Treatments Kit

About LGS Treatments Kits are for families who are considering

“What’s Next” in treatment.

The kit contains information on current treatments, clinical trials, and tips on maximizing your time with the specialists on your loved one’s healthcare team.

Kit Contents Include:

  • About LGS Treatments Kit Introduction
  • LGS Seizure Emergencies and Rescue Medications
  • Current Medications for LGS
  • Current Diets for LGS
  • Surgery and Devices for Patients with LGS
  • Clinical Trial for LGS

*Due to high postage costs, kits are available for U.S. residents only at this time, but many materials may be downloaded below.* *One per household, please*

Now accepting pre-orders – Kits will ship by the end of April. 


Updated 2/17/2023