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In Memory of Jeremy Tad Carroll

4/22/1974 - 4/26/2022

Weeks beyond his expected due date, our amazing son Tad was born and together as a young family we took our first steps on a remarkable journey, a life most people could not imagine. A path of lifelong education of…


The Meeting of the Minds Blew Our Minds

Our 2nd Biennial LGS Research Meeting of the Minds was an Overwhelming Success! Over 150 people attended this two-and-a-half-day hybrid research meeting in Baltimore, MD to discuss how we will advance clinical research in LGS.  Goals of the Meeting: To…


In Memory of Joshua Paul Keller

1/29/1993 - 7/13/2018

Joshua was diagnosed at 9 months with LGS he had seizures daily and other medical issues. Joshua was a joyful child he loved music, being outside, and enjoyed being with mommy and daddy. He was in the bell choir for…


Meet Emma

Emma was a few weeks shy of her 17th birthday when she had her first seizure. It all started with 3 tonic-clonic seizures, and by the end of that week, she was having a myriad of seizure types. Emma suffers…


International LGS Awareness Day & Epilepsy Awareness Month

Help Raise LGS Awareness This November!

Our Mission:  To raise awareness for the more than One Million children and adults worldwide living with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome! YOU are a part of something BIG, and your efforts make a BIG impact! Please join us in raising awareness for…


LGS Advocates are Raising Their Voices

Written By: Jennifer Griffin, Director of Family Support Just 6 months after we took the nation’s capital by storm for Rare Disease Week on Capitol Hill, the LGS Advocates were at it again in their local communities as part of…


Illuminate for LGS – Locations Around the World Light Up for LGS Awareness

The LGS Foundation continues to shine a light on Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome as we Illuminate for LGS. Promoting awareness and an understanding of what matters to LGS families. You Can Join Us! Each November, ​as part of the many awareness initiatives…


Discovering Breakthroughs and Innovations in LGS Research

Over the past five years, LGS research has experienced significant advancements, providing hope for individuals and families affected by this complex disorder. At the LGS Foundation, we know that patient-driven research plays a vital role in driving research on topics…


Financial Resource Toolkit for LGS Families

The following list contains links to third-party websites. The LGS Foundation is not responsible for the content or privacy policies of these external sites. While we try to only list sites here that we feel contain useful information for our…


LGS Learn From Every Patient Database

Help Us Find Better Treatments and Cures for LGS

What is a Learn from Every Patient Database? Implemented in 2023, the LGS Learn from Every Patient Database collects medical records about those with LGS to document the impact of LGS on a person’s health over their lifetime. This information…