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In Memory of Rebekah Selah Anglin

2/23/1987 - 3/24/2022

Rebekah was an emergency C-section in 1987. She progressed normally until, at 22 months, she suddenly experienced a horrible grand mal! There was several feet of snow outside, so the ambulance took a while! Her older brother by two years…


LGS Foundation’s 12 Days of Giving

Thank you for the many ways you give to the LGS Foundation. Because you give, we can give to others. We invite you to follow throughout December to celebrate 12 important moments we’ve impacted together. Please give, and share these moments…


Stellina Study for Diazepam Nasal Spray (Valtoco)

A Clinical Trial for 2 to 5 Year Old Children With Epilepsy

LGS is tough. Finding information shouldn’t be. That is why we provide information about clinical trials in LGS. We hope you find this information useful as you navigate your LGS journey. The Stellina Study is a Phase 1/2a clinical study…


Infantile Spasms Awareness Week


What is Infantile Spasms awareness week (ISAW)? Infantile Spasms Awareness Week (ISAW) is held annually on December 1-7 to raise awareness of Infantile Spasms (IS). ISAW is hosted by the Infantile Spasms Action Network (ISAN), a group of more than…


International LGS Awareness Day & Epilepsy Awareness Month

Help Raise LGS Awareness This November!

November 1st International LGS Awareness Day Each year, the LGS Foundation organizes a social media campaign and in-person events worldwide in recognition of International LGS Awareness Day. Our goal is to raise awareness of LGS and bring LGS families together….


2022 LGS Research Roundtable at AES

Every year, the LGS Foundation organizes the LGS Research Roundtable at the American Epilepsy Society (AES) annual meeting in an effort to #FreeTheData. Join us as we hear updates from our grant recipients and research collaborations. Thank you for joining us at…


Every Moment Matters Awareness Dinner Event

November 5, 2022 at the Birch Aquarium, San Diego

Thank you for helping us raise over $77,000 for LGS Research & Family Support! We can’t thank our community enough for joining us at our Every Moment Matters Awareness Dinner this past Saturday. Because of you, we can continue our…


Living with LGS: Andrea’s Story

Hi, I’m Alejandra, Andrea’s mother, my beautiful angel who had a normal childhood until she was seven years old. I still remember waking up and hearing the sound that my little Andrea emitted, I thought she was drowning when I…


In Loving Memory of João Miguel Martins Nunes

3/17/1995 - 7/16/2020

Miguel was so sweet. Such a lovely baby! He used to smile and run all the time! He was born without any problem, but, suddenly, the seizures started and never went away. He didn’t talk anymore and was submitted to…


Our Board of Directors

It is a pleasure to introduce Our Board of Directors to You Our Board of Directors brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the LGS Foundation, united by their passion for our mission to end the devastation and suffering…