In Memory of Frederick Reese Fox

2/27/2020 - 8/06/2023

Frederick Reese Fox – Freddie, Frode man, Babe, Frankie Beans, Al Franken, Frazzle, Freemont, Dr. Fronkenstein – was born right at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Nothing would ever be the same. A beautiful, shining soul in a body that wasn’t meant to live, in a world that wasn’t safe for even the healthiest of us. Despite not being able to see, eat, talk, or walk, Frode charmed everyone he met with his massive grin and personality that beamed larger than any obstacles in or outside his body. He made the very most of what he was given. He lived and loved to the best of his abilities. He never stopped trying. He never gave up on himself or the rest of us. Through the ever-present pain, procedures, machines, and medication – even in the face of death – Frodie found and inspired joy.

Freddie died on Sunday, August 6, 2023. His physical body lives on through organ donation and his spirit lives on through all of us. We’re all better people because we knew him. Thank you, Frode man. We love you forever.