In Memory of Allison Francis

7/31/1976 - 5/08/2023

Allison was diagnosed at Johns Hopkins Kennedy Institute in 1978 at 18 months old. She had numerous seizures of every type. Through all of the difficulties, she remained sweet and playful, laughing uproariously at sounds like sneezes, coughs and hiccups. She loved music, specifically the songs my mom used to sing to her that incorporated those sounds. She spent numerous hours with her puzzles and could distinguish specific shapes and get them into their correct spaces even when multiple puzzles were mixed together.

When she wasn’t having or recovering from the numerous seizures she had daily, she loved to sit on the back porch and listen to the birds sing. She had limited language but could always communicate her needs and wants through gestures or words with broad meanings we came to understand over time, like “hot” for food or “more” ( “moh” using my mom’s southern accent) for something to drink.

We are so very grateful to the sponsored residential home (supported by Wall Residences) of Kristen and Adam, who embraced her and me as members of their family after her seizures and little 80 lb adult body became too much for me to handle. She had a good life. We will always miss her. Soar with the birds, sweet Allison.

Allison loved everything about being outside, including walking in the park when she was able or just sitting on the porch listening to the birds. Her last days were spent listening to bird songs on my iPad in her hospital room.