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Professionals listed on this site have treated patients with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and/or related disorders. Many have been recommended by LGS families in our community of support.


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Disclaimer: Not all of the doctors and other professionals listed on this site have the same treatment approach. We urge you to ask specific questions regarding training and experience before seeking treatment. Your decision to select a particular health care provider and/or treatment option is yours alone, and LGSF bears no responsibility for the care provided by any professional listed on this site or for the outcome of any treatment option you may select.

Criteria: Professionals listed on this site have treated patients with LGS and/or related disorders and many have been recommended by their patients’ families. All recommended providers will be added to the list. If, however, an initial recommendation is withdrawn, or if LGS receives multiple complaints about a particular professional from families who have first-hand experience with that individual, then LGSF may, in its discretion, elect to remove that professional from the site.