Golf-A-Thon to Support the LGS Foundation

Support me as I attempt to hit 1,101 golf balls for LGS Awareness Day (Nov 1) to honor my son, John!

Donate now to honor John!


Thank you so much for showing interest in my efforts to raise funds and awareness for Lennox-Gastaux Syndrome (LGS), a rare form of epilepsy that impacts my son, John. John had his first seizure just before his second birthday and was soon diagnosed with LGS. Like most LGS kids John, who will be 15 this December, suffers from multiple seizures a day, different types of seizures, and has significant intellectual disabilities. He has tried many different types of medicine and is a favorite on the Neurology floor of Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. Despite all this, John is a bright light in the lives of all who meet him. He attends school, enjoys horseback riding, his backyard swing, and swimming – as long as the water is nice and warm!

I have been involved in the past in various golf fundraisers for John and kids like him, but this year I thought I would do something different. On LGS Awareness Day, November 1st, I am going to attempt to hit 1101 golf balls at TopGolf! This will be my third year at TopGolf, and my previous record is 1,050.

Please consider making a donation to such a wonderful cause. 
My goal is to raise $11,010 by November 1st!