In Memory of Rebekah Selah Anglin

2/23/1987 - 3/24/2022

Rebekah was an emergency C-section in 1987. She progressed normally until, at 22 months, she suddenly experienced a horrible grand mal! There was several feet of snow outside, so the ambulance took a while! Her older brother by two years grabbed the medical book and phone for me! So I’d know what to do! By the time the ambulance arrived, Becky’s eyes were going back into her head! She was revived just in time!

A few months forward and Becky was diagnosed with epilepsy. As a single parent, all my hopes for a career, specifically medical doctor training, went out the window.

At age of 8, Becky started bolting for no reason when my back was turned and police found her several blocks away! She also did this in a major US airport once! At the age of 14, Rebekah was diagnosed with LGS at BC Children’s Hospital.

We were blessed with another two decades of her sunny smiles, laughter, and beautiful art.

Rebekah used to “renovate” her room on “LGS rage” days and then manage to replace each and every single item precisely back where it was before. She loved to shop for stuffy toys and nail polishes! She was quite the colorful girl! Her favorite color was pink!

Rebekah quietly and peacefully passed in her sleep with no forewarning. She earned her angel wings and flies beside me and her new puppy she never got to meet, a beautiful golden retriever, Sir Teddy. Teddy still knows. I see it in his eyes. He carries on her legacy and is now my emotional assistance dog.

Rest Sweetly, Becky. You are LOVED!

Love Mommy.

Becky was the sunshine of my life. Her happiest activity was a one girl party in her room, playing Bob Marley and conversing with Michael Jackson posters all at the same time! She never stopped talking about MJ and his song, “Make the Change”. She is our heart, our purpose, and our motivator to carry on her legacy, to always laugh, bake birthday cakes anyday of the year and cover all blank walls with colorful art! Her spirit is so strong. I have to remind myself she is truly an angel now because she always was!