LGS Foundation Celebration Of Life Butterfly Release

The Celebration of Life is a special occasion to reflect on the impact left by those who have departed and to honor their profound influence on our world. It’s a time to commemorate the enduring spirits of our loved ones, whose lights continue to guide us as we relentlessly pursue the Cures for LGS.

At the LGS Foundation, we remain steadfastly committed to honoring the lasting legacies of these extraordinary individuals. Their memories inspire us to persevere in our quest, illuminating the path forward in the hope that one day, we will unlock the answers that have eluded us for far too long. This gathering serves as a powerful reminder that while their physical presence may be gone, the imprints they have left on our hearts and minds will forever shape our collective journey toward a future where perhaps LGS is no longer the devastating syndrome it is today.

Releasing majestic butterflies speaks to the strength and beauty of the love we continue to share. Butterflies symbolize transformation, hope, and wishes that are carried to the heavens to be granted.

2022 Celebration of Life Butterfly Release

Loosing someone you love or care about, particularly a child, is very painful. You may experience all kinds of difficult emotions and it may feel like the sadness you are experiencing will never go away. These are normal reactions, and you are not alone. 

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