Leaders in LGS Award

The LGS Foundation recognizes Those who have made a significant Impact in the LGS community

The LGS Foundation appreciates and values our community’s commitment to ending the devastation and suffering caused by LGS and recognizes the significant impact of the many selfless individuals who dedicate themselves to supporting the LGS Foundation’s efforts to achieve its mission.

Without these dedicated individuals, we would not be where we are today.

Together, we are stronger and have the greatest ability to bring lasting change to the lives of those impacted by LGS. Through their dedication, we will continue to reach our goals and one day achieve lasting and life-altering new treatments and cures for LGS.

The Leaders in LGS awards allow the LGS Foundation to acknowledge and support the efforts of those individuals or organizations who shine brightly through inspiration, outstanding dedication, and commitment to the Vision and Mission of our organization.

These Leaders have not only significantly impacted the LGS Foundation but have also had an unprecedented positive influence on the LGS community as a whole.

Congratulations to our 2022 Leaders in LGS

Updated: 02/26/2024