In Memory of Mark Lewis McCaslin

5/9/1976 - 11/19/2017

On May 9, 1976, my brother Mark was born, it was Mother’s Day that year. Being an adopted child at that time, it wasn’t until about a week later that my parents knew of his birth and that he would be joining our family. He was such an adorable baby, full of smiles and sweetness. It wasn’t until a few months later that he began having his health challenges which changed all of our lives.

I truly believe, that when you have a child and/or siblings that were not considered “normal” you realize how different life can be. Your world means something different. Your passion for advocacy and standing up for equality, justice, and simply kindness becomes second nature. Understanding why others do not behave the same becomes beyond understanding… In reflecting on what my brother means to me and how he impacted my life means thinking of how many lives he changed. I know that he and our parents both shaped so many lives to remember to appreciate the small things, the moments and the appreciation for everyone who cares for you.

We love and miss his smile, his snuggles, his overall appreciation for such small moments and things. He brought joy and challenges, love and patience. He gave giggles of glee at children and toys and ornery moments when he had to share a lap that he wanted to sit on. His world was one we learned to live in and share, with a passion for protecting, love, and learn. We were fortunate to have you for the years we did.