3 Takeaways from the Recent AES Annual Meeting

Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) Foundation Booth at the AES Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL

The recent AES Annual Meeting brought together more than 6,000 healthcare providers, scientists, patient advocates, industry partners, and other professionals dedicated to better outcomes for people with epilepsy. It was really energizing to attend this meeting and hear about all the incredible work being done to help those living with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS).

Here are 3 takeaways from this powerful meeting:

1. There is more LGS research than ever before!
The days of LGS being thought of as a hopeless diagnosis are gone! Research to develop new seizure treatments and advance current ones is robust, and more than 60 posters and talks on LGS shared the latest findings and outlined exciting new options that are on the horizon for those with LGS. 
2. Research funded by the LGS Foundation is front and center at the meeting.
It was so empowering to see LGS Foundation grantees Dr. Beth Lapour lead a session on using EEG biomarkers to predict responses to surgical treatment in children with DEEs and Dr. Aaron Warren talk about his work looking at mapping how brain waves move during a seizure. 
3. Our LGS researchers and partners are spreading the word that working on LGS and with the LGS Foundation is a winning combination.
This year we saw an unprecedented number of partnership opportunities that didn’t originate with us, but instead came in by word of mouth. The doctors, researchers, and industry partners we are working with are spreading the word and are strong ambassadors for advancing our mission. 
The word is out; the LGS Foundation community is strong, and we are doing Big Things!
We look forward to continuing this important work in 2024 and beyond. 
Tracy Dixon-Salazar, PhD
Executive Director, LGS Foundation
Updated: 12/21/2023