In Loving Memory of João Miguel Martins Nunes

3/17/1995 - 7/16/2020

Miguel was so sweet. Such a lovely baby! He used to smile and run all the time!

He was born without any problem, but, suddenly, the seizures started and never went away.

He didn’t talk anymore and was submitted to brain surgery when he was only three years old to stop the seizures. It didn’t work out, and the situation became worse and worse.

The LGS was only diagnosed when he was around seven years old. Miguel started to scream when he was around 20 and didn’t realize any situation of danger.

Miguel has a brother and a sister he loves so much, and they love him forever.

You are with me forever and ever until the day I die, my son. My life without you doesn’t make any sense because we were always together. You are everything to me, and now, I can’t see you!

My favorite memory of my sweet prince Miquel is his sweet smile, kisses, and hugs.