Eli was born in the summer of 2003 at 34 ½ weeks old. He spent 7 days in the NICU due to a ventricular septal wall defect. By 3 months of age, it was evident that he was not meeting all his developmental milestones. Eli, now 18, is nonverbal and wheelchair dependent. 

Eli has severe and unpredictable seizures that have been very difficult to manage with medications. Safety has always been a concern for us. He wears a seizure helmet and requires the use of safety support systems. Eli’s frequent stimming puts a significant amount of wear and tear on his equipment. 

Recently, Eli’s wheelchair started breaking down. After an assessment by his therapy team, it was suggested that we get a new chair to accommodate his needs. Unfortunately, our insurance company would not cover all the new equipment, leaving us in quite a predicament. Unsure of what to do next, we talked to his therapist. Did I mention that he has a fantastic team?!? Eli’s therapist referred us to the LGS Foundation’s Elevate Patient Assistance Program. The Foundation’s Assistance Program was able to help us cover the unpaid medical expenses, and Eli received his new wheelchair! 

Since then, we have been able to take so many new adventures to lighted Christmas tree farms, our small-town Christmas parade, Trick or Treating, and just everyday things. Just taking Eli to the doctors is so much easier now. We were so lucky the Elevate Patient Assistance Program was able to help us with getting Eli a new chair and are ever so grateful that Eli is once again comfortable and safe!

Thank you, LGS Foundation. 

– Ericka, LGS Caregiver