Elevate Patient Assistance Program

The LGS Foundation’s Elevate Patient Assistance Program provides financial assistance to individuals with LGS to help pay for durable medical equipment not typically covered through insurance or other programs.

The Elevate Patient Assistance Program is open to residents in the United States. The 2022 grant cycle opens in January 2022 and will remain open until all funds are depleted.

The maximum lifetime allowance per family is $1,500. Each family may apply for one award, covering up to three items.


Items currently covered under this program include:

  • Durable medical equipment (such as helmets, wheelchairs, orthotics, cooling vests, etc.)
  • Sensory Items (such as weighted blankets)
  • Therapy Equipment (such as adaptive bikes)
  • Communication Equipment (such as iPads)
  • Seizure Alert Devices (provided in partnership with Danny Did Foundation)

The program does not cover medical co-pays, housing/food assistance, therapy costs, service animals, or respite assistance.

If a request is made for an eligible item with a cost greater than $1,500 the LGS Foundation will apply the awarded amount as the final payment towards that item.

​If you are applying for an iPad to use as an assistive communication device, please note the assistance program only covers either an iPad (128GB, wifi only) or an iPad mini (256GB, wifi only). If you were granted funding for an iPad previously, there is a 4-year minimum before you may reapply for a new one. The LGS Foundation does not provide AppleCare insurance, but you may choose to add it later at your own cost. We do suggest a durable cover be used to protect the device. This can be included as one of the three items on your application.

If the equipment you are interested in is not listed above, please contact Kathy@lgsfoundation.org with more details regarding the requested item(s) for eligibility review.

Our assistance application period begins each year in January, and we cannot accept applications prior to the beginning of each grant cycle. When funds are depleted for the year, the program will be closed until the next application cycle. Notification will be placed on our website. Complete applications will be reviewed and approved on a first-come, first-served basis.

The application must include the following documentation:

  • Completed application
  • Utility Bill in the applicants or main caregivers name
  • A recent letter from the physician or health care professional who is treating the person with LGS explaining the medical necessity of the request
  • A letter of denial from the insurance provider stating that the requested equipment was denied (when applicable)
  • Any additional documentation pertaining to the nature of the request

Applications that are incomplete or missing information will not be placed in the queue for review until complete. All applicants will receive an email stating approval or denial of their application. Denied applicants wishing to re-apply must provide additional documentation of a change of status in circumstances or that other alternatives have failed. We request up to 45 days to review your application. All applications must be submitted in English.

All submitted information is kept confidential.

For questions about this program, please email Kathy@lgsfoundation.org

Accessible Van Application: 

As part of our 2022 Elevate Patient Assistance Program, and with tremendous thanks to a generous donor, the LGS Foundation is giving a 2012 Handicap Accessible Honda Odyssey to one LGS family living in the United States. 

Applications must be submitted no later than February 15th, 2022

Applicants must demonstrate financial and medical need.

Approved applicants Will Not be eligible for any additional assistance during the 2022 Elevate Patient Assistance Program cycle.

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By awarding this financial assistance, the LGS Foundation is making no recommendation as to the appropriateness or safety of a particular piece of equipment for persons with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, associated epilepsies, and other conditions. The LGS Foundation and its Board of Directors are not responsible for the safety and proper use of awarded equipment. Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with medical professionals regarding the equipment requested. Application information will not be divulged without written consent from the applicant, parent, or legal guardian. We do ask that award recipients submit a photo showing the person with LGS using the equipment that may be used for awareness purposes for this grant program. Grant recipients will be identified by their first name only with the written permission of the parent or legal guardian.

Additional Resources:

NORD’s Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome Patient Assistance Program offers eligible individuals diagnosed with LGS financial support to pay for out-of-pocket healthcare costs that are directly related to the care and treatment of LGS.   Learn More

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