A Clinical Study for Children and Adults with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

The LGS DISCOVER study, also identified as the YKP509C003 study, is a clinical trial for pediatrics and adults with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS).

The LGS DISCOVER study will evaluate whether an investigational medicine called carisbamate, when given along with other anti-seizure medications for epilepsy, can decrease the number of seizures in LGS patients 4-55 years of age who are on one or more anti-seizure medications.

Watch Now: Overview of Carisbamate for LGS

Presented by: Michael Chez, MD, Pediatric Epileptologist, Sutter Health, California

*Dr. Michael Chez is a Pediatric Epilepsy Expert and regularly treats LGS patients. This video was recorded in early 2022 at the request of the LGS Foundation to provide information to our family members about this medication. The Foundation does not endorse this or any product and is here only to provide information relevant to patient families. 


Study Sites in the United States:

  • Axcess Medical Research, Loxahatchee, FL
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Duke University Clinical Research at Pickett Road
  • Stanford University
  • Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia (CHOP)
  • Montifiore
  • Mayo Clinic – PIN
  • Midatlantic Epilepsy and Sleep Center
  • AdventHealth, Orlando, FL
  • Neurology Consultants of Dallas, PA – Hospital
  • Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group

For more information about the LGS DISCOVER study, please contact

Additional Information:

View the LGS DISCOVER Study Brochure 

Visit the LGS DISCOVER Study Website

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Updated: 7/25/2023