Meet Micah

Micah was born a healthy and happy child.

Everything was fine until around one year old. I started to notice things he could do he was having a hard time with or not doing at all. We went for test after test years went by, and still no diagnosis.

At age five, his neurologist told us about Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, and that’s what he might have.

So fast forward about two and half years, and many EEGs later, we got the diagnosis of LGS. By this time, my husband and I had accepted that Micah wasn’t going to get better. You know your firstborn child you are in denial about everything the doctors tell you. So we asked the neurologist how did he come to this diagnosis. He said it was the slow spike-wave pattern on all of his EEGs.

So now we are just living life to the fullest. Micah loves school he loves his friends. He loves to go on trips! The beach, the aquarium, and the zoo. And this past January, we went on a wish trip to Walt Disney World, and it was AMAZING!!!!

We are thankful and blessed to have Micah in our lives, and he teaches us all to be better human beings❤️

Micah recently received a ipad from the LGS Foundation. It has been great because he is learning how to communicate in his own special way. I’m beyond grateful and thankful for this Foundation, and I know they will continue to do great things!