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The LGS Foundation is firmly grounded in the belief that everyone who is living with LGS should have access to the information, resources, and support they deserve, including a connection with others. In 2015 the Family Ambassador Program was established as a way to help build positive and lasting relationships between families who share similar journeys. 

You, our families, are at the heart of everything we do at the LGS Foundation. Being at the center of connecting is rewarding for both parties and we are happy to be able to provide access to emotional support, encouragement, and information when you may need it.  

The Family Ambassador program is made up of family caregivers who have experienced the highs and lows of living with LGS. Our Family Ambassadors are able to listen and support others on the LGS journey while sharing a wealth of helpful resources, tips, and ideas.  Our goal is to empower each family to be a strong voice for LGS awareness and become the best advocate for their child.  No matter what point of the journey you are on, LGS is life-changing. Our parent volunteers are here to support you.

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