In this time of great uncertainty, as we strive to protect our families, communities, nation, and world from COVID-19, we want to publicly share our sincere appreciation for YOU, our LGS community. The LGS Foundation staff and Board of Directors are working tirelessly to continue to provide accurate information, facilitate family support programs, and continue research that will improve the lives of those affected by LGS.

Together, we support one another in the fight against LGS and COVID-19.

Important Information About Covid-19

U.S. Government information about Covid-19, how to protect yourself or what to do if you are sick.

Up to date, global information on Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Updated FAQs to address concerns regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. 

For Families & Caregivers 

Covid-19 & Your Loved One

Signs and symptoms of coronavirus (covid-19) and how to protect your family. 

Señales y síntomas del Coronavirus (covid-19) y cómo proteger a su familia

Brief article summarizing researchers’ ideas to help families, caregivers, and children cope during COVID-19

        Kids pay attention to the news and what adults are saying. On Our Sleeves has expert resources and guides to help you              manage life during COVID-19.

 Common behavioral issues that families come up against, and strategies for dealing with these issues during the           pandemic

Accessing Medical Care 

Article published by the Autism Science Foundation includes information on co-occurring medical conditions like epilepsy.


Financial Assistance 

Help for costs related to Covid-19 

Critical Relief Program to provide much needed assistance to members of the rare community affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Prescription Assistance ​​

Current and Resolved Drug shortages and Discontinuations Reported to the FDA 

Struggling with the burden of paying for your medication? UCB offers several types of financial assistance for qualified patients.

The Epidiolex Copay Savings Program is expanding to better support eligible patients in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Information and resources to help patients access BANZEL

The SYMPAZAN Savings Card can help lower your out-of-pocket costs. 

Eligible patients may receive a 14 day free trial as well as copay assistance. 

Child Friendly Information 

       Short social story for explaining COVID-19 to children with learning or neuro differences. 

Self-Care for Parents and Caregivers

        Tools and Strategies for reducing Covid-19 related stress in your life. 

Important Covid-19 Webinars

        Dr. Amanda Cothern shares tips for coping during the pandemic 

Dr Tracy Dixon-Salazar, LGSF Director of Research and Strategy answers questions regarding Covid-19 and it's impact on the LGS community

        Dr. Anup Patel addresses pressing questions regarding healthcare and community needs during the pandemic. 

        Virtual Town Hall co-hosted by the LGS Foundation, TS Alliance & the Dravet Syndrome Foundation.