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A Message To Our Community

Published March 23, 2020


Dear LGS Families and Community,


In this time of great uncertainty, as we strive to protect our families, communities, nation, and world from COVID-19, we want to publicly share our sincere appreciation for YOU, our LGS community. You are among the most courageous and dedicated warriors we know. You have deep scars and constant bruises from the ongoing battle you wage against seizures and you tirelessly work to defeat that formidable and unseen foe. You are not strangers to adversity.


We must support one another in the effort to understand and navigate this unprecedented pandemic. We are beginning to understand how important it is to “reduce the spread”, “flatten the curve”, and implement “social distancing” in much the same way we once learned the terms “VEEG”, “slow spike wave”, and “tonic-clonic”. While we are aware of our fear and uncertainty we look for sources of strength in an unfamiliar and changing world. 


As an LGS Community, we wish to extend our sincere appreciation to healthcare workers, first responders, and other essential workers along the supply chain. Our loved ones with LGS are affected every day by their tireless dedication, and COVID-19 has only helped to remind us of our gratitude for their work. The LGS Foundation staff and Board of Directors are working tirelessly to continue to provide accurate information, facilitate family support programs, and support research that will improve the lives of those affected by LGS. We are planning new and exciting ways to help our community stay connected over the coming weeks and months.


Together, we support one another in the fight against LGS and COVID-19.


Your LGSF Board of Directors,

Natalie Gilmore, MA, President

Melanie Huntley, PhD, Past President

Elizabeth Terry, MA, Vice President

Karen Groff, ME, Secretary

John Currier, MBA, Treasurer

Christopher Mitchell, JD

Dale Todd