LGS Foundation Endowment Fund

The LGS Foundation Endowment Fund was set up to provide stable, ongoing financial support for our mission – forever. Your gift of hope to the endowment fund will support families by providing the medical equipment necessary to care for an LGS loved one, fund research grants, award scholarships to our conference, and give our LGS families a community of love, support, and encouragement.

The endowment transfers interest income to the foundation annually and keeps the principal of the donations intact. So by donating to the endowment, your gift will continue to grow annually, and your impact will provide long-term support in our efforts to end the suffering and devastation caused by LGS and one day find the cures.

Your support provides hope, strengthens families, and makes each day brighter for our LGS community.

Give the Gift of Hope! 

For more information about the LGS Foundation Endowment Fund or to give, please reach us at: 

Email: Giving@LGSFoundation.org

Phone: 718-374-3800

Become a Beacon of Hope Society Member 

A gift of at least $25,000 will put you in the ranks of our Beacon of Hope Society. Your gift of hope will have a life-changing impact on our LGS families.

Start your journey of giving hope today!

Updated 03/26/24