Jenny Hsieh, PhD

University of Texas, San Antonio

Dr. Jenny Hsieh is Professor of Biology and the Semmes Foundation Distinguished Endowed Chair in Cell Biology and Director of the UTSA Brain Health Consortium. The UTSA Brain Health Consortium is a campus-wide transdisciplinary research initiative that spans stem cells/precision medicine, neuroscience, biomedical engineering, psychology, and behavior with over 40 participating full-time faculty members.

Dr. Hsieh comes to UTSA from UT Southwestern, where she and her team made a significant contribution to understanding the role of epigenetic and transcriptional regulation in adult neurogenesis. A major focus of her work was to understand the transcriptional/epigenetic regulatory circuitry that guides neural stem cell fate decisions in both normal and pathological states, and this work continues at UTSA through the Brain Health Consortium. Beyond her role at UTSA, Dr. Hsieh serves as a study section member for the National Institutes of Health and the American Epilepsy Society. She is also on the editorial board as a Reviewing Editor for The Journal of Neuroscience.  

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