Join the LGS Community Center

The LGS Community Center is open to individuals interested in supporting families impacted by LGS and staying up to date on important events, research, and opportunities to get involved.

Additionally, this private forum offers three private support groups with monthly opportunities to connect with other parents and caregivers of loved ones with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS). We limit membership in these support groups to parents and caregivers who are legally responsible for making medical decisions for the LGS patient.

Learn more about our Community Center networks and how to join below.

LGS Research & Professionals Collaborative Networks

LGS Collaborative Research Network

The LGS Foundation is bridging the gap between patient families and researchers to drive LGS research to new heights.
With our LGS Collaborative Research Network, we push the conversation about research beyond only treating the symptoms of seizures but also finding treatments that target the whole syndrome.

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LGS Professionals Connect Group

LGS Professionals Connect is a group for Professionals seeking information and support in order to provide the best care for those who are living with the daily challenges of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. This group was created by the LGS Foundation to serve as an open forum where we come together to grow our understanding of LGS by interacting in a space where we can ask questions and learn from each other.

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Volunteer Community Network

LGS Foundation Volunteer Team Network

The LGS Foundation Volunteer Team is an easy way to connect with various opportunities at the LGS Foundation and within the LGS community.

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Private Support Networks

Standing Together. Stronger Together. Support Group

This private support network and monthly virtual group meeting was created with the sole focus to discuss, listen, share resources, and comfort one another as we continue this journey because nobody should have to do this alone.

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Dad to Dad – Support Group


Hosted by dads, for dads – This exclusive group provides a safe space for male caregivers to connect and share.

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Caregiver of Adults with LGS Support Group

Caring for an adult with LGS can be every bit as demanding as caring for a child with LGS, and the need for support is great. We invite parents and caregivers of adults with LGS to join us for discussion and support as we face the ever-changing challenges associated with LGS. (Parents of adolescents are also welcome to join the support group.)

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