Karen H. Groff, M.Ed.

Vice President

Columbus, OH

Karen is a retired educator. As a teacher, elementary principal, and coordinator of staff development, she worked tirelessly to inspire and empower children, families, and staff to realize their full potential. 

She and her husband, Jeff, and two children, Daniel and Jessica reside in Columbas, OH. Karen and Jeff work hard to create a loving and inclusive extended family that honors and supports Danny, as an individual with LGS and Type 1 Diabetes. They worked with Lundbeck’s LGS Together initiative to create educational media for families impacted by LGS. Karen serves as an Ohio Ambassador for the LGS Foundation.

In her spare time, Karen enjoys gardening, reading, and writing.

Karen currently serves as Vice President of the LGS Foundation’s Board of Directors. She believes the role of the Board is to ensure that the LGS Foundation continues to maintain a community of support, resources, research, and care across the world. She enjoys serving the LGS community in ways that create hope for those affected by LGS.

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