We value our relationship with each of our Corporate Partners.

In addition to financial support, partners provide their unique expertise and perspectives on the issues and needs our families face daily. And while it is our commitment to improve the lives of those affected by Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome that brings us together, it is our shared understanding that collaborative initiatives generate steadier progress and

stronger outcomes that will ensure our partnership proves valuable for the

families and providers in our community.


They look to us

to make tomorrow better; together, we can

make a difference.

Patient Education 
Families First Program 
We put Families First at the LGSF and have many programs designed to help educate, support and empower our LGS community.
Our Families First Program includes our pioneering "LGS Ambassadors Program", which allows families the unique opportunity to MeetUp with local LGS families in their community and "LGS across the Globe" giving families access to Give Kids the World and our patient assistant programs. 
Sponsorship Opportunities Include: 
  • Premier Sponsor $50,000
  • Supporting Sponsor $25,000
  • Advocate Sponsor $15,000
  • Patron Sponsor $10,000
Cure LGS Research Program
Investment to Accelerate Research 
The LGS Foundation Research Award awards one-year and two-year grants up to $50,000 to young investigators, physician residents, and clinicians who are interested in studying LGS. Our seed grants are intended to help researchers explore novel ideas and answer questions related to the clinical aspects, therapies, and underlying causes of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. Our five-year Research Plan seeks to raise $1 million over the next five years for research and bring the LGS research community together to create a consensus research vision. This plan aims to alter the course of the disease and to create a better future for generations to come, all while improving the lives of those affected by LGS. 
Gifts can be made to the campaign overall or to support one of the following initiatives under the Cure LGS umbrella: 
Research Grant Program
  • Sponsor Two-Year Postdoctoral Fellowship Award $100,000
  • Sponsor One-Year Postdoctoral Fellowship Award $50,000
  • Sponsor Four Months of a Research Grant $20,000
LGS Research Roundtable at AES 
  • Premier Sponsor $75,000
  • Supporting Sponsor $50,000
  • Advocate Sponsor $25,000
  • Patron Sponsor $10,000
National Signature Event Sponsor
5th Annual Walk 'n' Wheel for LGS 
The National LGS Walk n’ Wheel is held every March in Orlando, Fl. Dozens of LGS families
travel to central FL to raise awareness of LGS and funds for the LGS Foundation. This family
friendly event features a Friday evening reception and post-walk activities for the attendees
including live entertainment. Sponsorship opportunities are available for this event every year.
Sponsorship Opportunities Include: 
  • Presenting Sponsor $25,000
  • Sage Sponsor $15,000
  • Lavender Sponsor $5,000
  • Other Opportunities Available 
National Signature Event Sponsor
7th Annual Family & Professional Conference 
Every 18 months, The LGS Foundation organizes a comprehensive three-day educational
meeting that brings together more than 300 LGS family members and epilepsy professionals.
Since 2011, the LGS Foundation has hosted six conferences in the United States and one in the
UK. The growth has been exponential with a steady increase of 30% attendance each meeting.
Sponsorship Opportunities Include: 
  • Presenting Sponsor $100,000
  • Sage Sponsor $75,000
  • Lavender Sponsor $50,000
  • Advocate $25,000
  • Friendship Sponsor $15,000
  • Other Opportunities Available 
National Major Event Sponsor
National LGS Awareness Day Event 
November 1st annual is International LGS Awareness Day. The LGS Foundation organizes events around the world in recognition of LGS Day in an effort to raise awareness and bring LGS families together. In addition, the LGS Foundation holds a signature themed event on or around November 1st in Baltimore, MD to celebrate LGS Day and honor “Leaders in LGS.”
Sponsorship Opportunities Include: 
  • Presenting Sponsor $100,000 (includes 15 tickets) 
  • Sapphire Sponsor $75,000 (includes 10 tickets) 
  • Gold Sponsor $50,000 (includes 8 tickets) 
  • Silver Sponsor $25,000 (includes 6 tickets) 
  • Bronze Sponsor $15,000 (includes 4 tickets) 
  • Other Opportunities Available 
For More Information email info@lgsfoundation.org

2021 Corporate Sponsors Opportunities

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