On the Outside Looking In - A Non-LGS Caregiver's Perspective

I am not a parent or family member of a child with LGS. But I consider myself the luckiest person on the planet, because my best friend is an LGS parent. It was eleven years ago when I first met my LGS friend, also named Jennifer (how convenient!). At the time, I also met her beautiful son, Theo, who was six years old, the same age as my son, Emerson. However, Theo was unable to speak and only able to walk with help and supervision. Despite my best efforts to appreciate Theo’s unique life, my thoughts still eventually went to the same place: empathy, sadness and although I hate to admit it, a dose of pity for my new friend’s incredibly hard life as a parent of a special-needs child. But here’s the rub. There were two important things that I didn’t know: I didn’t know about the LOVE, and I didn’t know about the MAGIC. Those words may sound corny but hear me out. Let’s start with the love. Did I know that my friend loved her son with LGS? Of course. But from my naïve and ignorant pe