Could Somebody Please Fix My Kid??!! (Oh wait, that's my job... isn't it?)

While reading through the daily Facebook posts from LGS parents searching for answers, comfort or just wanting to vent, I came across one reminding me why we need one another in this insane journey.

Now, I probably could’ve chosen a handful of posts that triggered a personal response, but this one really did it. To summarize the post, a mom was checking in with her fellow LGS parents to see if they’ve ever stopped a therapy, in this case it was ABA therapy. She was overwhelmed and exhausted and just wanted permission to take a break. The outpouring of support for her decision was typical of our community but I was hearing a familiar message that I long ago named “The Fix-My-Kid Syndrome”(FMKS). I haven’t patented that name but perhaps I should (I’m only half-joking).