The Bond of Love Can Never Be Broken

To my fellow LGS moms and dads:

“I am strong. So are you. I am a survivor. So are you.”

Words were so empty in the beginning days of my grief. No one had the magic words that made everything better. You have no idea how much those words have come to mean to me over time. Life as a young mom moved so fast. Raising four boys and being a single mom to kids with special needs certainly didn’t slow it down any. Life holds many surprises but mine seemed to be playing out a series of tragic events – one after another. I kept thinking, “This is the last lesson, right?” During the most difficult days, the love I have for my children was the glue that held me together. I was searching for the positive outcome but it seemed like the more I fought, my lessons only got harder. At home were Brian, age 10 and Eric 9. Then in September 1995 I had my third son, Matthew and in 1998 brought the addition of m