Susan Masino, PhD

Trinity College

Dr. Masino is the Vernon D. Roosa Professor of Applied Science at Trinity College and a joint appointment in Neuroscience and Psychology. Her research focuses on promoting and restoring brain health, with a particular interest in adenosine, and on the relationship between metabolism, brain activity, and behavior. For nearly 100 years a metabolic therapy called a “ketogenic diet” has been used to treat seizures, and recent mechanistic insights – including the role of adenosine – hold translational implications for brain health and diverse disorders.

In addition to her laboratory research, Dr. Masino is interested in how public policies can improve brain health – with a special focus on New England’s amazing forests – and is involved in local educational and environmental issues. During 2018-2019 she is a Charles Bullard Fellow in Forest Research at Harvard and published a paper on the benefits of reforestation for climate change mitigation, biodiversity, and public health,