LGS Research Meeting of the Minds: Finding Disease-Modifying Therapies for LGS

The LGS Foundation is organizing the first-ever Meeting of the Minds professional conference to find disease-modifying therapies and cures for LGS.

This meeting will guide the LGS Foundation’s future research funding strategy as part of our new Finding the Cures, Together.

Our goals are ambitious, our aim high, but the future of cures for LGS starts here! Join us as we begin this incredible journey toward a cure!

LGS Meeting of the Minds Professional Conferences & Family Days

These multi-day Virtual Conferences bring together patients, families, doctors, researchers, industry partners, advocacy organizations, governmental agencies, regulators, and others to discuss progress to date in understanding LGS, pre-LGS, and how we can find targeted treatments and cures for this horrible early-life epilepsy.

2021 Conference

In September, nearly 250 researchers, families, and LGS community members from 7 different countries joined the LGS Foundation for a 2-day discussion focused on finding Disease-Modifying Therapies in LGS.

“This meeting was critical! It not only brought the research and family communities together but it has helped guide the LGS Foundation’s support and research funding strategy MOVING FORWARD.” – Tracy Dixon-Salazar, PhD

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2022 Conference

More info on our 2022 Meeting of the Minds Conferences will be coming soon.

LGS Meeting of the Minds Seminar Series

Join us for these regularly scheduled seminar sessions to continue the conversation started at the LGS Foundation’s Meeting of the Minds Conference. Topics include:

  • How Can We Improve Current Clinical Trials In LGS (December 3, 2021)
  • Can We Prevent LGS in Those with Pre-LGS? (Coming in 2022)
  • What Are the Best Treatments for LGS Today? (Coming in 2022)
  • And many more!

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