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How & Why the LGS Foundation Funds Research 
Our Research Activities
The LGS Foundation is the only global organization dedicated to accelerating LGS research and supporting families living with this catastrophic pediatric-onset epilepsy. The LGS Foundation believes strongly in patient-driven research and in keeping the patient family's voice at the center of all aspects of research and care. We are members of, hold regular meetings with, and conduct surveys in our global LGS community. Then we share what we have learned with everyone we meet in the research and healthcare world. When patient families are included in research we all go further, faster!
Research efforts supported by the LGS Foundation include:
We Only Fund the Best Science
All of the research we fund goes through rigorous scientific peer-review and review by patient families to determine potential impact. Check out our review process below:
Set Vision Based on Community Input
Request for Applications (RFA)
Full Proposals Due
Scientific & Family Review by Area
LGS Foundation Research Committee Review
LGS Foundation Board of Directors Approval
Our Progress
We Know a Key Brain Circuit that 
There is Now
a Mouse Model of LGS that
we can
Since 2014, LGSF has awarded more than half a million dollars in funding for twelve projects around the world, and this is only the beginning. With our new Finding the Cures, Together Initiative, we will be accelerating research on LGS even faster! The money you raise will help us understand what causes LGS, how LGS evolves over time, what areas of the brain are responsible for the abnormal EEG features seen in LGS, and more importantly, how do we design treatments targeted towards repairing those damaged brain areas.
As a result of research funded by the LGS Foundation:
  • We have identified more than 100 genes and brain injuries that predispose to developing seizures that can lead to LGS
  • We have an understanding of how the EEG evolves over time in LGS
  • There is a promising study using Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) in LGS
  • We have an idea of what brain circuit is the key driver of the abnormal EEG features seen in LGS
  • There is Now a Mouse Model of LGS that Researches can Study!
These advances in LGS research would not have been possible without patients, families, and your commitment to research! Thank you! 
Funding Answers
We are committed to finding better treatments and cures for LGS. We hope you will join us! We are committed to finding answers to questions we family's ask, like:

What is the best treatment for LGS for my loved one?

What caused my loved one's seizures that led to LGS?

What treatments target the abnormal EEG features of LGS?

What is the best way to deal with seizure emergencies in LGS?

Can we stabilize, prevent, or reverse LGS?

How do we learn from every LGS patient so when a new one is treated they benefit from all that past knowledge?

Please join us as we seek answers to these and other important questions!

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