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"Ask Me About My Helmet"

November 1st is LGS awareness day annually and the LGS Foundation is launching a new campaign for 2018: "ask me about my helmet". This campaign is intended to raise public awareness of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome through helmets, interpersonal transactions, and social media. 

Want to get involved? Follow these easy steps.

1) Order your free awareness stickers and buttons from the order form below (United States only due to the cost of international shipping rates). 

2) Pick a day from now until November 1st to wear a helmet all day long. Wear it to work, school, or around town as you run errands. 

3) Wear the "ask me about my helmet" button alongside the helmet

4) If someone approaches you, tell them why you're wearing a helmet. You can download a sample script here. 

5) Ask the person you are sharing your story with to wear a "I support my friends with LGS" sticker for the day.

6) Snap a photo of the two of you together and post it on social media using the hashtags #lgsawareness or #november1st. Tag the LGS Foundation @LGS_Foundation (twitter), @lgsfoundation (facebook) or @lgsfoundation (instagram). 

7) Thank anyone who joins this campaign and helps raise awareness of LGS!