Patient Assistance Program

2020 Cycle Closed!


The LGS Foundation's Patient Assistance Program provides financial assistance to individuals with LGS to help pay for medical expenses not typically covered through insurance or other programs.  The grant cycle for 2019 opened on January 10th and will remain open until all funds are depleted.   Each family may only apply for one award. The maximum allowance per family per year is $1,000 with a lifetime maximum of $2,000. This program is available to families internationally.  




The LGS Foundation’s Patient Program will award medical goods/ devices, grants, or reimbursements to qualified recipients to help supplement the costs of the following:


Medical Goods / Devices

  • Emfit Monitor

  • Pulse Oximeters

  • Smart Watch

  • Helmets

  • Wheelchairs

Form A required for Medical Goods / Devices Application

Seizure Response Dog Grants (SRD grant)

  • Grants will be given towards fundraising pages or to the seizure response dog organization directly to help meet minimum fundraising goals. Family must have 80% of fundraising already completed in order to be elligble for a SRD grant.

Form B required for SRD grant


  • Costs associated with genetic testing, including whole exome sequencing 

  • Parking / mileage associated with hospital  / doctor visits within past twelve months

  • Medical goods listed above are also eligible for reimbursement up to the yearly maximum allowance or lifetime maximum allowance with proof of purchase and additional required forms. 

Form C required for reimbursements

Lili's Lift Category:

Lili’s Lift is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization that seeks to “make life accessible” for children/adults with disabilities and their families. Through the generosity of our supporters, we provide small home modifications and equipment to our Lili’s Lift families to make day to day care easier.  Where there is a special need, we plan to make a difference.

Lili’s Lift is teaming up with LGS Foundation and the Patient Assistance Program to help fund larger and more costly requests of special needs equipment or devices.

Some Examples of Equipment and devices Lili’s Lift would fund include:

  • Courtney Bed-Enclosed bed system

  • Safety Sleeper enclosed travel bed system

  • Adaptive bikes

  • Larger car seats or adaptive seating for cars

  • SAMI Epilepsy monitor with ipad/router

  • Bath/shower chairs


  • 1 item per request

  • 1 time assistance from Lili’s Lift

  • Lili’s Lift will evaluate each request prior to commitment

Form D required for Lili's Lift Category 

To apply, fill out the form below. Be sure to have the following documents ready to upload to your application. These include:


1. Proof of LGS Diagnosis

2. Appropriate form (A, B, C or D) which can be downloaded via the links provided above, completed and signed

3. Previous year's tax return

4. Supporting documents about previous denial from insurance companies or other organizations

5. Personal statement, which can be downloaded here. 





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