LGSF International Conference on LGS

The LGS Foundation's 5th International Family and Professional conference on Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome was held from November 10th - November 12th, 2017 in Orlando, FL. The LGSF Conference is a comprehensive educational meeting held every 18 months in the United States. The conference brings together over 300 LGS family members and epilepsy professionals from around the world to better understand the causes, treatments, and future directions of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. Topics range from treatment options to services, quality of life, resources, and much more.


Speaker Slides

LGS Overview / What’s new in LGS? Anup Patel, MD


Introduction to Pharmacology | Michelle Welborn, PharmD


Pharmacological Therapies | Eric Pina-Garza, MD

Non- pharmacological therapiesKelly Knupp, MD


Emerging Therapies & Clinical Trials | Tracy Dixon-Salazar, PhD


“Inside” the LGS Brain | Brenda Porter, MD, PhD


What’s new in LGS Research? Melanie Huntley, PhD


Genetics & Precision Medicine | Katie Helbig, MS, LCGC


Surgical Options | Patricia McGoldrick, NP and Steven Wolf, MD


Devices | Anup Patel, MD


Special Needs Planning Kelly Piacenti


Quality of Life & Caregiver Grief | Kathy Devanny, MPH

Dietary TherapyMarian Roan, RD

SUDEP & Safety | Tom Stanton

IEPs | Lori Mason-Varner


LGS and Sleep | Sagarika Nallu, MD

Self-care for caregivers | Amanda Cothern, MS, LPC


Cannabis and LGS Brenda Porter, MD, PhD


Looking ahead in LGS: Hope for the future:  LGS Foundation Board Members




Videos from LGS Together

Kick-off Video
            Pool Party Interview
LGS Caregiver Roundtable
Flex 4 LGS
Interview with Brenda Porter, MD, PhD
Interview with Stephanie Mucha, MPH

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you organize your family & professional conference?

The LGS Foundation holds our International Family & Professional Conference every 18 months within the United States. We change the location for each conference to a different region so families from all over the country can participate.


How long is the conference?

The LGSF Family & Professional Conference is three days long; it starts on a Friday and ends on a Sunday.

What is the price of registration and what's included? 
The price for registration for the 2019 conference will be $250 per adult and $150 for children and adults with LGS. This price includes entry into all sessions Friday - Sunday, breakfast and lunch on all days, the cocktail reception on Friday evening, the dinner on Saturday evening, and all organized activities.

What is the price of the hotel? The rate per night for a room at the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington is $159 plus tax. This is for single up to quadruple occupancy. 


I can't attend; is there a way to view information from the meeting? 
Yes, presenter slides will be posted online after the meeting concludes. We will also be posting live clips from the conference on facebook, so please be sure to follow us: www.facebook.com/lgsfoundation. 

Is childcare available?
Activity rooms for children and adults with LGS and their siblings are available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We ask that all parents take turns volunteering in the childcare room. Nurses and one-on-one aids will not be provided, so if your child requires immediate supervision, we ask that you or a member of your family take turns in the room with your child. Each parent will be required to sign a childcare waiver when they drop their kids off in the playroom. Activities such as movies, coloring books and games will be provided.

Who attends this meeting?
The audience is typically made up of LGS family members (75%) and epilepsy professionals (25%).

Where have your past conferences been held?
LGSF's 1st Conference on LGS: November 2011, Arlington, VA
LGSF's 2nd Conference on LGS: May 2013, Cerritos, CA
LGSF's 3rd Conference on LGS: October 2014, Columbus, OH (click to see recaps)
LGSF's 4th Conference on LGS: April/May 2016 - Denver, CO (click to see recaps)

LGSF's 5th Conference on LGS: November 2017, Orlando, FL 

Are Sponsorships Available? Yes, sponsorship opportunities will be available and exhibit opportunties. Please check back in the Summer of 2018.