LGS Family Ambassador Program


The Family Ambassador program is made up of family caregivers who have experienced the highs and lows of living with LGS. Our Family Ambassadors are able to listen and support others on the LGS journey while sharing a wealth of helpful resources, tips and ideas.  Our goal is to empower each family to be a strong voice for LGS awareness and become the best advocate for your child.  No matter what point of the journey you are on, LGS is life changing. Our parent volunteers are here to support you.


To find an ambassador in your area email kathy@lgsfoundation.org


Interested in becoming an ambassador? Thank you for being a voice for LGS!


The LGS Foundation is currently seeking volunteers to join the LGS Family Ambassadors Program to represent the LGS Foundation in their regions. Ambassadors will be responsible for hosting two annual Meet UPs in their state with support and guidance from the LGS Foundation. Ambassadors will also reach out to families in their state, to support and assist in finding resources and services in their local communities. The LGSF also encourages Ambassadors to get involved in local and state-wide advocacy efforts.


If you're interested in becoming a Family Ambassador, please take a minute and respond to the questions below so that our team can best include you in the FAP. 

*Please note that the LGSF understands the ongoing challenges of caring for someone with LGS. We understand that there will be times when life with LGS will interrupt ambassador responsibilities.