LGS Research Roundtable at AES: Live Stream

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Live presentation begin December 3rd at 11 am CT

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“While there is no cure for LGS, there is a hopeful path forward,” said Dr. Tracy Dixon-Salazar, the LGS Foundation’s executive director. “Current treatment methods for LGS have remained roughly the same for the last 30 years. Our goal is to change that.”

With only a fraction of research funds going towards LGS advances, the one-million people with LGS worldwide worry that lifesaving care may not come into fruition in their lifetimes. The LGS Foundation’s grant program and roundtable discussions are combating these fears. Since 2013, the LGS Foundation has awarded more than half a million dollars in funding for 13 projects around the world and this number is poised to increase dramatically in the coming year. In addition to critical funds, the LGS Foundation has also created a network of researchers and families invested in learning from one another.

“We are excited to gather the brightest minds tackling LGS across the globe. And, we believe that now more than ever, the future is bright for those with LGS.”

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