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Conference Slides & Resources Now Available

Slides from the majority of the speakers are now available to view. They have been organized by day / sessions as follows:

Day 1: Plenary / Introduction Sessions - morning
Day 1: Plenary / Introduction Sessions - afternoon
Day 2: Plenary Sessions - morning
Day 2: Family Sessions - afternoon
Day 2: Professional Sessions - afternoon
Day 3: Plenary Sessions - morning
Day 3: Plenary Sessions - post-break

Stay in touch with conference attendees!  
LGS Foundation Facebook Discussion Page
LGSF Conference Facebook Page
LGSF Community Forum



Conference Photos and Special Videos 

The LGS Foundation is excited to launch two very exciting new videos for LGS Awareness Day! Please be sure to share these and help raise awareness of LGS. 

The first video, presented by the LGS Foundation, highlights our recent conference and the importance of having a LGS Awareness Day. 

LGS Awareness Video Thumbnail2

The second video is a message from Chip Esten, star of the ABC Television show Nashville. Chip speaks about Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and LGS Awareness Day. Thanks for your support, Chip! We are honored to have you represent our community.
chip esten thumbnail

Additionally, Lundbeck was on-site at the LGS Foundation conference and interviewed a number of attendees and presenters. Click the image below to go to their library of videos on facebook
LGS Together Link

Photos from the conference can be viewed on our Flickr Page! 

photo thumbnail

The LGSF International Conference is held every 18 months in the United States and changes
location to a different region each time. The next conference is scheduled for the Spring 2016. The
location and other details will be announced early 2015.

2014 Conference Resources